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Westport is a quintessential New England town located on the water’s edge. One of a number of Fairfield County coastal communities located on the shoreline of Long Island Sound, Westport is also situated along the banks of the Saugatuck River. Panoramic and inviting views of both the river and the coastline dominate the town. Even the town’s outstanding library commands a superb view of the river, which flows through the center of Westport. Gentle hills, elegant gardens, country roads, charming and distinct residential and shopping districts add to the attractiveness of the town. The revolutionary canons at Compo Beach and the Minuteman Statue are both well-known reference points in town and hint at Westport’s intriguing history. The population of more than 25,000 residents is upscale and socially and culturally aware.

Early in Westport’s history, artists, writers, musicians, theater people, movie stars and other celebrities settled in the town. Some came for the summer and the pleasures of seaside living; others made their homes here year-round. The town developed a reputation as a “bedroom” community about an hour’s commute into New York City. Now it is located a short distance from the many corporate headquarters sprinkled throughout the county. Today, Westport remains a vibrant, innately beautiful place that embraces the arts. Visitors will find many things to do and outstanding accommodations during their stay.

The beaches are a main attraction. And Westport has its share of parks, too, including Sherwood Island State Park. With ample recreation facilities, including the Fairfield Hunt Club, access to Longshore, a town-owned country club, golf courses, tennis courts, marinas, a sailing school and a skating rink in winter, Westport boasts a rowing club, indoor and outdoor tracks for running and great roads for cycling or rollerblading. It’s no wonder Westport is a desirable place to call home.

Entertainment and cultural activities abound, such as the famed Westport Country Playhouse and the Levitt Pavillion. A wealth of activities have helped to develop Westport as a social and cultural center providing art galleries, musical events, home and garden tours, a potpourri of unusual boutiques and specialty stores as well as an intriguing variety of restaurants, and theaters.

In short, Westport has something for everyone.

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