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The beauty of Fairfield is realized in its unusual diversity—its successful blending of the old and new. Fairfield residents, while welcoming well-known businesses and industries, appreciate and strive to maintain the town’s Colonial heritage. Reminders of pre-Revolutionary architecture are preserved in historic districts, while corporate offices contribute to a beautiful skyline. With five miles of coastline along Long Island Sound, Fairfield residents enjoy five beaches, marinas and water sports at their leisure. Inland Fairfield is dotted with parks, rolling hills, ponds and forests, providing breathtaking scenery all year round. Located close enough to bustling metropolitan centers north and south, yet far enough away to maintain its suburban personality and individuality, Fairfield offers residents virtually every amenity!

It was Roger Ludlowe who first settled in Fairfield in 1639 after battling the Pequot War. Ludlowe led a small group of Englishmen to its fertile soil, and the generations that followed them diligently cultivated the rich land. Brimming with farms and popularized by its coastline, Fairfield had become, not surprisingly, the most desirable town among the colonists in Connecticut by 1756. Twenty-three years later, however, British troops burned Fairfield to the ground. Undeterred, colonists rebuilt their homes and recultivated the still fertile grounds, as evidenced by Fairfield’s present-day flourishing greenery, abundant homes and prospering businesses!

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