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Dear Fellow Pets & Pet Owners,

I just couldn't keep this to myself any longer! This is the greatest news for all of us pets — and for our families too! But let me start from the beginning! My mistress recently saved me from a sad situation in a faraway land, bringing me to a wonderful new home in Westport! We've been so happy together that she has decided to help all the animals who found their way to shelters find a home.

She's a William Pitt real estate agent here in Westport — and a pretty busy one at that! What she enjoys most about her job, besides meeting new friends, is helping them turn their new house into a real home! That's where my news comes in!

She's made a pledge to donate a portion of her commissions to a pet-rescue organization or no-kill animal shelter of her clients' choice. (Read about herThat means whenever she helps someone buy or sell a house, she'll donate money to help animals like us!

She's so good at matching homes with people that area shelters can count on receiving lots of much-needed financial support from her!

Together, we can find a nice home for everyone — including their pets!

Thanks for your support! Sincerely, Betsy              

 It's a dog's life ... in pictures:

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Bear the 9-11Rescue Dog Driftwoof Jetty Warrior Seawoof
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